The Story of An Angel

Another limb fell from our family tree and  I desperately tried  to stay strong but fighting my tears proved to be futile for,  little Yousha’a, you had managed to wrap around my heart and carve your name on my soul.

I know I didn’t get to hold you or even whisper a quiet “I Love You”,  but every day my  first  and last prayer was for you. Selfishly, I wished you to push through but my prayer was always for the outcome that would be easiest and best for you. And, as much as painful as it is missing you,  I know that right now you’re in heaven,  with nana spoiling you rotten.

I feel like I missed too much of your life to accurately write about it, so instead I thought I’d leave your story to your mummy to tell…


I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at 12:05 on Saturday morning, the 3rd of March, 2018.

His due date was the 26th, today, and we had a caesarian planned for the 13th, but in true anarchist fashion, the little sprocket chose to make an appearance out of the blue 10 days early. We had chosen not to know his gender before birth, so that was our second surprise for the night.


via Yousha’a – CHD Journey of a little Angel Heart Warrior

Stay Smiling Little Angel,



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